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November's #NovelBuilding Main Character Challenge

For November, the #NovelBuilding challenge will be all about your protagonist or main character!

These questions and topics will come in handy for those of you participating in #NaNoWriMo because it will help you connect with your main character on a deeper level while drafting.

Why it's important to know your protagonist:

  • They become more realistic if they have likes, dislikes, background, fears, quirks, flaws, etc.

  • It gives them a stronger personality and makes them more relatable to your audience

  • It helps you as the author know how the character will react to a situation

  • You will have a stronger idea of the needs and desires of your character

All of these things will shine through your writing and make readers fall in love with the character you've created.

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to play along with the daily questions. It is a fun way to connect with other authors and possibly gain interest in your novel or grow your author platform.

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