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What 5 AM Means to Me

As a busy mom, everyone always asks, “How do you find the time to write?”

Though non-writers don’t always understand how much work goes into a completed and polished novel, there’s one thing most do know: it takes a long time. Another thing that even non-parents know: children are a full-time job.

How can I write, publish, and market multiple books? Where do I find the time?

5 AM is where.

5 AM means alone time for this introvert.

5 AM means mental health and mental clarity.

5 AM means an hour of imagination and creativity.

5 AM means a space to myself before the family wakes.

5 AM means silence before the chaos of the day begins.

5 AM means a cup of coffee and a thousand words before the sun rises.

The intent of this post is not say YOU must wake up at 5 AM to write. We all have different lives and schedules. I am just offering an example of how I, as a busy mom, create a time for myself to reach for my dreams. It helps immensely that I am an early bird. If you are a night owl, then maybe staying up an hour later than your family is what could work for you. Your writing time could even take place over your lunch break.

The harsh truth of it is that you must be committed to your writing. There is no easy hack or magical tip to completing a novel other than dedication. If it is important to you, then make it happen.

I might sleep in every now and then as I am prone to headaches, but if I am working hard on a draft or have a deadline for edits, I get up and get to work. The reason I don’t rely on daytime or evening writing is because so many other things always come up for me. Appointments. Meetings. Family. Cleaning. Sick kids. Errands. Favors. Phone calls. Bills. Cooking. Emails. Laundry.

Basically, as a mom, the daytime doesn’t belong to me, and that is fine.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to complete a novel in 2023, start by scheduling a special writing hour every day.

Best of luck to you!

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