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Short Stories by Rosalyn Briar

"The Mirror Man" from the Last Love Epic Romance Anthology


The Mirror Man

Imaginary friend of a lonely child or a soulmate eternally trapped in a magic mirror?

An unusual couple creates their own happily ever after in this gothic romance.

"The Lady of Fox Manor" in Twisted Love: A Gothic Romance Anthology

True love can have dark depths. Till death do you part might be prophetic. Beware the unrequited, shunned, and spited romantics.

In Twisted Love, twelve gothic horror stories take on new depths and terrifying outcomes when happily ever after is no longer an option. These are stories of love and loss tinged with madness and cloaked in the decayed finery of gothic fiction.

Twisted Love is the fifth anthology by Jazz House Publications, and it is our first to showcase the best in gothic horror from indie authors.

About "The Lady of Fox Manor" by Rosalyn Briar:

Sisters aren't always so sweet. Especially those bound behind shiny glass.


"Mercy + Grace"

A gothic and LGBTQIA+ retelling of the Grimm's Fairy Tale "The Seven Ravens."

"Slipper Lake"

A haunting retelling of the Grimm's Fairy Tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."


"The House of Lost Things"

A little romantic ghost story

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