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The Bone Needle

TBN Cover Reveal 2.png

The Bone Needle is the highly-anticipated sequel to The Crown of Bones


The sacrifice never ends. 

With the witch-goddess possessing her body, Gisela’s soul remains trapped inside a bleak, endless void. Without her memories to sustain her, she spends countless days building a castle of bones, walking the abyss, and going mad. That is, until one day, she discovers a tapestry door that leads her to an odd yet familiar place. 


After nearly a year of being hunted and tortured by the witch-goddess, Brahm’s last threads of hope begin to fray. When he discovers a secret map stitched into the fairy tale tapestries, though, Brahm’s hope of finally rescuing Gisela returns. 


Traveling through the Otherworld with the help of the fairy tale characters, Gisela must remember who she is and find a way to defeat the witch-goddess. All the while, Brahm, Bergot, and a crew of rebels must find the storyteller god and weave a new tale for Gisela before she is lost forever. 


Stories keep her alive.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal and preorder information!

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