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How Milanote Helps Me Stay Organized as an Author

If you are a writer, you know that writing isn’t just about sitting down and typing an entire story from start to finish. It takes plotting, foreshadowing, world-building, and character development.

For a long time, I either kept those notes in a word document or wrote everything down in a notebook. This method works just fine, but I found an easier way to organize my novels, social media, and marketing ideas.

I use a website and app called Milanote.

Milanote is like a virtual pin board for your notes, images, lists, etc. You can create a new “board” for each novel. Within that board you can add individual notes, cards, and images for your characters, world-building, and plot. It is a great way to stay organized as a creative writer.

My favorite part about Milanote is that it is also an app on my phone. I can quickly jot down ideas when I’m on the go. If I am writing at a coffee shop or on vacation, I usually work on my Freewrite Traveler (full review coming soon). I can access the outline for my book from my phone, and I don’t have to drag around my heavy laptop.

Milanote is free to try with limited boards and notes. After I tried it out for a few weeks, I upgraded to the professional account with unlimited boards because I loved it so much. I have a board for each of my novels, one for short stories, one for social media ideas, one for poetry, and one for new ideas.

Here is a peek at the board for my novel Her Dark Enchantments:

It is such a beautiful and fun way to visually organize your ideas.

If your goal in 2023 is to write a novel, I highly suggest organizing your plot, world-building, and character development notes in Milanote.

Have a magical day,


Rosalyn Briar is a USA Today Bestselling author and a mom of two princesses living near St. Louis. Her Dark Enchantments is a dark fantasy villain origin story about the Wicked Fairy from Sleeping Beauty coming out April 25, 2023 with Quill & Crow Publishing House. Preorder here and enter Rosalyn's book box giveaway here.

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