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Camp NaNoWriMo Pep Talk & Tips

We're at the halfway mark for April's Camp NaNoWriMo! Have you been able to meet your daily goals? It's totally okay if you haven't. I will give you some tricks for a successful Camp NaNo! (Yes, you can still do it!)

I've been able to fast draft the second half of my manuscript thanks to these following tips:

1. Stick to a routine

Whether you want to wake up early for some quiet morning time or stay up late after everyone has gone to bed—keep it CONSISTENT.

Once you settle into a routine, your brain will learn to switch into "writing mode," making each writing session a little easier.

2. Let your first draft be messy

If you are trying to hit a target word count for NaNo (or any other time), then absolutely DO NOT go back and edit what you have previously written. It will take up more time than you think and keep you from finishing your draft.

If you edit as you write, you will find yourself in a vicious loop and never make the progress you were hoping for.

The editing can wait until after Camp NaNo!

3. Limit distractions

Easier said than done, but make sure you have a set time each day where your household knows not to bother you.

I combine this with tip #1: I wake up before my family to hit my word count target. Then, I can focus my attention on my family the rest of the day.

4. Set the mood

Leading up to your writing session you can listen to music, create aesthetics for your characters, pour a cup of coffee, or grab a snack—whatever it takes to get in the mood.

This will help you find the right headspace for your novel and inspire you to write!

5. Create an outline

Sorry pantsers, you may not like this tip! It is important to have an outline and notes in order to keep the momentum going for an event like Camp NaNo. Having an outline to follow will keep your words flowing without having to stop and think about what should happen next.

6. Connect with others!

Make sure to share your progress with your camp group or on social media. It is a great way to stay accountable to your goals.

I hope these tips help you succeed in Camp NaNoWriMo! Happy Writing!

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