5 Editing Hacks for New Writers

Have you finished your first draft and want to polish your writing before seeking beta readers? You don't want your betas to be distracted by too many typos, grammar mistakes, poor dialogue, or "telling." Here are 5 easy ways to edit your draft so your betas can focus more on plot, characters, pacing, and the overall picture. 1. Find and Replace This function can be used on both Word or Google Docs. It is a great way to search for adverbs, filter words, and filler words. Why

Beta Reader Checklist

What questions should you ask beta readers in order to get useful feedback? In this article, I will share my Beta Reader Checklist. It is a list of questions for you to send to you beta readers along with your manuscript. These questions can help you figure out which parts of your novel need the most work. Are you currently looking for Beta Readers? Check out my article How to Find Beta Readers. Now that you have your beta readers lined up, it's time to come up with a questio